Accura Scan supports STC Kuwait with biometric tech

Accura Scan supports STC Kuwait with biometric tech

Accura Scan will be providing biometric security and digital KYC capabilities to customers of telecommunications provider STC Kuwait, via a new opt-in programme.

The company will be rolling out additional security protocols based around customer verification, involving facial recognition and scanning. The facial scan of a user will be matched with saved documents, only then allowing access to a device.

The implementation enables customer identity verification in real-time, with 3D selfie biometrics and optical character recognition (OCR). This is to ensure the highest accuracy of data to be compared with the saved documents of the device owner’s choice.

Accura Scan is a mobile development program, with several web SDKs and applications to ensure the secure streamlining of mobile programs and security protocols. Its technologies have been implemented into a number of industries including banking and finance, travel and tourism, airlines, telecommunications and more.

The enhancement of Kuwait’s telecommunications technology coincides with a number of modernisation programmes taking place throughout the Middle East, such as the Saudi 2030 Vision, which seeks to redesign cities in Saudi Arabia so that at least three are in the top one hundred in the word.