40x zoom dome camera promises simple city surveillance

40x zoom dome camera promises simple city surveillance

The latest addition to Panasonic’s security camera range is set to offer a significant improvement in operability as well as a reduction in the cost of storage and maintenance for city CCTV surveillance.

The outdoor, vandal-proof, Full-HD, PTZ camera (WV-X6531N) comes equipped with a x40 optical zoom, intelligent zoom stabiliser and intelligent analytics for vehicle incident detection. In addition, the latest cost reducing technologies, including a combination of H.265 and smart coding technology, use smart algorithms to reduce the bandwidth of security footage.

It means that the cameras can reduce the data storage requirement by around 70% for moving scenes and up to 90% for static scenes, beyond the last generation of Panasonic outdoor PTZ cameras.

In addition, built-in electrical dehumidification and ClearSight coating significantly increase the operational availability of outdoor cameras in wet weather. The special coated surface resists water stains and dust accumulation, reducing the need for maintenance and improving the usability and clarity of security footage.

“This is a camera that has been designed with city surveillance and the monitoring of intersections in mind,” said Gerard Figols, Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic Security. “The excellent
40x zoom and intelligent zoom stabilisation reduce vibrations when large vehicles pass.”

“In addition, it has the option of some of the most intelligent analytics on the market. As well as loitering and left object detection, it is able to recognise a car either stationary or driving the wrong way on a motorway, immediately triggering an alarm in the video or traffic management system.”

Like all Panasonic security products, the camera’s stream and video are encrypted by Symantec, for full cyber security protection.

The new camera is part of Panasonic’s Elite Range, a curated selection of the company’s top of the range CCTV cameras.