Edge360 showcased at IDEX

Edge360 showcased at IDEX

Axon Vision took its Edge360 product to the recent IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

Developed by Axon Vision, the Edge360 offers total situational awareness (SA) capability to a squad in a combat vehicle.

Using advanced landscape segmentation and scanning, the system can identify threats across a large landscape. Due to its user-friendly interface and seamless interaction with existing SA systems, the operating crew can receive all the real-time information required to make effective split-second decisions – decisions that save lives.

The Edge360 is a video system that seeks to enhance not only survivability, but the ability to navigate hostile terrain, all through the system’s methods of tracking, identifying and categorising static, moving targets and threats, distance calculation and a three-dimensional perspective of its surroundings.

The Edge360 comes at a time when innovations are being consistently made to technologies within combat vehicles. The technology is both user-friendly and designed to seamlessly integrate with existing SA systems.

The IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi displayed a huge of innovative products, with Axon Vision being one of the companies with exciting new designs to show, the Edge360 system was displayed with a model of a combat vehicle equipped with the system.